Commercial and Marketing Consultancy for the Italian Big Distribution in Food Sector

The history

The activity of Lionello Forin, founder of the company died in 2004, began in 19962 the cooperation with Althea, a producer of specialty foods that worked in the organized distribution.

The first few years were characterized by fast growth and reaching of the position of commercial Manager. In the following years of development, the basis was established to enter the Italian organized distribution and to meet the demands of the market and also to enrich knowledge in new sales methods.

In 1974 the operation to launch a “bitter” drink has been crowned by a success of national sized: bitter Jorge of company “La rocca d’Asolo”. After this good experience it has been decided to begin alone as freelance mainly focusing on foreign production. This choice gave soon big successes and in 1976 it was built the “FORIN SRL ” , with the father Lionello as the head the sons Michele as Commercial Manager and Patrizia as Administrative Manager.

In 2004, after the death of the founder, the son Michele Forin takes the control of the Society helped by Fausto Campioli that has a big experience as Sales Manager for many important national societies; during the year the staff grows up and increases its competences and professionalism.

Studies, researches, experiences, projects alternated in these years to correspond to the right needs of the market the is continuously changing and that led to:

  • the creation of a staff of collaborators inserted in the Big Distribution context
  • the development of a commercial and logistic office able to follow the operative trends
  • the insertion of freelance to cover the full national territory
  • the activation of a graphic study specialized in the realization of labels and packaging
  • the activation of an office for the control of the payment and the sales
  • the participation to meeting, fairs and events of food sector

This is the short but intense history of Forin Srl which it is also the history of its founder Lionello Forin, to whose memory it was dedicated the FOUNDATION LIONELLO FORIN HEPATOS Onlus, a foundation for the research and treatment of liver diseases created between the University of Padua and a group of entrepreneurs from Veneto: